To feel beautiful is one of the best things in life. Even though some people may think that the pursuit of beauty is shallow, that’s not true. Why? Well because being beautiful is a matter of being healthy and loving yourself. And, if you love yourself, your life changes for good. People who understand this fact are always trying out things to look their best. However, they may get disappointed in their attempt of beauty because they try out programs which don’t focus on the key aspect of beauty. Do you know what the key aspect of being beautiful is? Well, it is food. Yes, if you learn how to properly balance food throughout the day, then you will look good. Food has vitamins and nutrients which are meant to keep us healthy and, if you are healthy on the inside, then you will look healthy on the outside. It’s as simple as that. This means that if you learn how to properly balance food, you will look your best. This doesn’t mean that you would have to keep yourself from eating those things you love. You just need to learn how to keep a balance and, as a result, not only you will be fit but your skin will feel smooth and your hair will glow. 

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the History of the Computer

Some say that computers are the most amazing, useful and important technologies developed in the history of mankind. This technology changed the way we stored data and simplified a lot of processes. Imagine life without computers. It can sound a bit crazy now but that time was not so long ago. Just by taking a brief look at the History of the Computer you will find out that its development is amazing and that, as invention, the computer is definitely among the three main inventions of history.

The computer is so amazing that there is a lot of information regarding its history. There were more than twenty different forms of computers before the ones we use now. Also, this technology is outdoing itself with time. And, it is possible that the computer you have today will not be the same that you will have tomorrow. In fact, the computer you will have within a few years may look nothing like the one you are using now. 

Thirty years ago, people saw the common use of computers as something futuristic. At the time, there were computers but were not for the public. Today the technology has developed up to the point that you can buy a computer at a grocery store. 

how to pack a suit

Airlines are crazy nowadays. They are charging fees for almost everything and, it doesn’t matter if you have a checked bag or if you want to put something under your seat. You will be charged. So, with this scenario, it is very important to take some precautions instead of paying more money than what you have planned. So, how to pack a suit properly? Let”s review some of the options you have to avoid wrinkles: 

  • Fold your suit: If you plan to take your suit on a carry-on, remember that folding it is a safe option. You just need to do it correctly by folding it in the half and then following the lines of the fabric. 
  • Roll your suit: Fold it in half. Leave the sleeves of the suit as flat as they can be. Roll. 
  • Mail your suit: Mailing a suit actually not expensive. The mail will pack it with an advanced folding technique. The estimated charge is of $14.99
  • Wear your suit: If you really want to avoid wrinkles and you are not so sure about it folding it, then wearing your suit will make things easier. Think about it, if you wear it you will be in control of it. No wrinkles, no ugly surprises. 

Watch the Mindy Project Online

The Mindy Project is gaining a lot of popularity since its release in 2012. This romantic comedy has already 5 seasons and the sixth season has been announced to be released in September 2017 which was applauded by thousands of fans who were expecting this announcement as there are a lot of popular series from 2012-2015 that were cancelled as 2 Broke Girls, Sleepy Hollow, Scream Queens, among others.

This series is about the obstetrician and gynecologist Mindy balancing her professional life with her personal life. She lives in New York and she is surrounded by quirky characters that make the series pretty much fun. The pilot was released in a wide variety of sites like Hulu,, Aol and Yahoo and the main network where you can watch the series is Fox

However, there are plenty of sites where you can watch the mindy project online and some of them even include subtitle options. You can also download the torrent of all the seasons if you want to see how Mindy desperately tries to find the perfect man although her expectations are too high due to her obsession with romantic comedies relationships. It is a very funny series, let’s just hope the seventh season will not be the last.

What is NFC and How Does It Work?

Are you wondering what is nfc? The acronym stands for Near Field Communications and I bet you have already hear about it a thousand of times as it is becoming a common word for those used to online payment systems from Android or Samsung. The name implies communication at short range from one device to another. The devices must be compatible for communication to be stablished, one must send the signal and one receive it.

You can use it to share data and files when your phone is near other device. You can check if your device is NFC compatible by checking the NFC sticker on the back or by going to settings, wireless and networks, tapping on more and enabling the NFC option. With NFC you can exchange smalls bits of files without having to pair your phone with the receiving or sending device. This feature can also read tags in other devices.

Like other similar systems, NFC sends and receives information through radio waves. The results so far have been pretty good and lots of users use it, but there are still some reports of errors that must be improved, as the system does not work 100% of the times, but it seems it as arrive to stay.