how to pack a suit

Airlines are crazy nowadays. They are charging fees for almost everything and, it doesn’t matter if you have a checked bag or if you want to put something under your seat. You will be charged. So, with this scenario, it is very important to take some precautions instead of paying more money than what you have planned. So, how to pack a suit properly? Let»s review some of the options you have to avoid wrinkles: 

  • Fold your suit: If you plan to take your suit on a carry-on, remember that folding it is a safe option. You just need to do it correctly by folding it in the half and then following the lines of the fabric. 
  • Roll your suit: Fold it in half. Leave the sleeves of the suit as flat as they can be. Roll. 
  • Mail your suit: Mailing a suit actually not expensive. The mail will pack it with an advanced folding technique. The estimated charge is of $14.99
  • Wear your suit: If you really want to avoid wrinkles and you are not so sure about it folding it, then wearing your suit will make things easier. Think about it, if you wear it you will be in control of it. No wrinkles, no ugly surprises. 

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