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Madison alumni, students and professors share the vision and offer their answers to: ‘Getting to know alums makes me more comfortable and better able to relate to professionals in my field. It certainly enriches my academic career, hearing from someone in my field; hearing profession-als share their stories helps me learn in dif-ferent ways.’ information systems major, Long Valley, N.J. F Science and Engineering 10 M A D I S O N S PE C I A L For decades many alumni have answered the questions, “Why Madison?” and “How might JMU improve?” by rolling up their sleeves and volunteering as mentors, guest lecturers and advisers to hundreds of JMU students. One of the most success-ful alumni/university partnerships in this endeavor is the JMU Technology Alumni Group. Founding members and leaders of the Technology Alumni Group have provided JMU students with scholarships, in-classroom learning and mentorship, internships, networking opportunities, resumé building and career advice. On the following pages TAG alumni — and faculty members and other alumni — explain why it is important to be connected to Madison and JMU students. ‘JMU’s Centennial Scholars Pro-gram gave me the opportunity to not be so stressed out and worried about how I was going to pay for tuition each semester. It allowed me to really immerse myself in the college experience. It’s so easy for me to say ‘Why Madison?’ JMU gave me the opportunity to really flourish and be where I am today. Thank you, Madison!’ — Chiquita King (’09, ’11M), senior consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton and Centennial Scholar, Manassas, Va. ‘It is critical for alumni with real-world experiences to show how they are applying their knowledge and to interact with students. Alumni can tell students how their educations relate to their jobs — or how it doesn’t. Students think they know what they need to know; I tell them you don’t know what you’re going to need to know!’ ‘I’m a teacher and not mak-ing a lot of money, but know I can give back that little bit to a university that gave me so much. I was able to find a job within a month of gradu-ation. My professors were known at the schools that I applied to teach for, and that was something that I think helped me get my job.’ art teacher in Prince William County Public Schools, Arlington, Va. ‘The Duke Club’s mis-sion is to raise money for student-athlete scholarships for all our athletes to perform on the fields and courts of play. But JMU’s true agenda is to help grow individuals.’ of donor and media relations for the American Red Cross in Richmond and president of the Richmond Duke Club R E P O R T

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