JMU Madison Special Report Winter 2013 : Page 6

DIRECTIONS In this issue you also will read that the university plans to inaugurate me as its sixth president on March 15, 2013. I hope you can join us for all or part of a weeklong series of events celebrating the university community and the legacy of James Madi-son, the man. At the inaugu-‘Madison ration I will begin community putting forward members plans for how are engaged we can take our university to the with ideas national stage. and with You might be intrigued to know the world.’ that President James Madison also understood the power of a community that combines a commit-ment to learning and a conviction that all humans are interconnected. In his State of the Union address on Dec. 5, 1810, Madi-son pitched Congress on the idea of creat-ing a national university in Washington, D.C. In making the pitch, he proclaimed: “Such an institution, though local in its legal character, would be universal in its beneficial effects. By enlightening the opinions, by expanding the patrio-tism, and by assimilating the principles, the sentiments, and the manners of those who might resort to this temple of science, to be redistributed in due time through every part of the commu-nity, sources of jealousy and prejudice would be diminished, the features of national character would be multiplied, and greater extent given to social har-mony. But, above all, a well-constituted seminary in the center of the nation is recommended by the consideration that the additional instruction ema-nating from it would contribute not less to strengthen the foundations than to adorn the structure of our free and happy system of government.” Congress, in its infinite wisdom, never went for President Madison’s idea. So let’s do him the honor of putting such a place on the national map. James Madi-son University can be the institution President James Madison dreamed of creating. The journey has been, and will continue to be, one of great reward and excitement. Let’s dream big together. Will you join us? Jonathan R. Alger President James Madison University 4 Learn more about President Alger’s listening tour discoveries at www.jmu. edu/whymadison M A DIS O N F A MIL Y! Join in the inauguration celebration for I a u g u r a t tii o n SIXTH PRESIDENT OF JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY Jonathan R. Alger Make plans to be on campus March 15, 2013, to celebrate President Alger and renew your connections to Madison. A weeklong series of events will celebrate the university community and the legacy of Founding Father James Madison, JMU’s eponym. Learn more at / inauguration S PE C I A L R E P O R T 6 M A DI S O N

Jonathan R. Alger

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