the History of the Computer

Some say that computers are the most amazing, useful and important technologies developed in the history of mankind. This technology changed the way we stored data and simplified a lot of processes. Imagine life without computers. It can sound a bit crazy now but that time was not so long ago. Just by taking a brief look at the History of the Computer you will find out that its development is amazing and that, as invention, the computer is definitely among the three main inventions of history.

The computer is so amazing that there is a lot of information regarding its history. There were more than twenty different forms of computers before the ones we use now. Also, this technology is outdoing itself with time. And, it is possible that the computer you have today will not be the same that you will have tomorrow. In fact, the computer you will have within a few years may look nothing like the one you are using now. 

Thirty years ago, people saw the common use of computers as something futuristic. At the time, there were computers but were not for the public. Today the technology has developed up to the point that you can buy a computer at a grocery store. 

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