What is NFC and How Does It Work?

Are you wondering what is nfc? The acronym stands for Near Field Communications and I bet you have already hear about it a thousand of times as it is becoming a common word for those used to online payment systems from Android or Samsung. The name implies communication at short range from one device to another. The devices must be compatible for communication to be stablished, one must send the signal and one receive it.

You can use it to share data and files when your phone is near other device. You can check if your device is NFC compatible by checking the NFC sticker on the back or by going to settings, wireless and networks, tapping on more and enabling the NFC option. With NFC you can exchange smalls bits of files without having to pair your phone with the receiving or sending device. This feature can also read tags in other devices.

Like other similar systems, NFC sends and receives information through radio waves. The results so far have been pretty good and lots of users use it, but there are still some reports of errors that must be improved, as the system does not work 100% of the times, but it seems it as arrive to stay.

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